Lightroom Mod Apk [Download (7.0.0) Version 2022 Latest Filters]

Sometimes, you look back on your past using your pictures and become happy while remembering those moments of your life. You thought that what will be the moment if you can click a picture with some changed background with lightroom mod apk for attractive.

Lightroom mod apk

We are going to reveal the best of all Lightroom mod Apk for you with which you can cover this section too much extent.

In this time of social media, it has become important to edit pictures and make them attractive. What if we will show you a specific application to do this task quickly with a few steps? Amazing, right? Adobe is offering a photo editing application for your device to make your pictures more amazing.

In this article, we will tell you about the Lightroom mod Apk and how you can install this application on your handy device. Before that let’s have a look at Adobe Lightroom Apk and its amazing features.

What is Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk?

Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk is a specific application that you can use to edit different images. It is a complete set of all those features that you have to use while editing a picture as a professional. This application has become part of every editor’s life who is a beginner in this field.

The main reason for its huge popularity is the user-friendly interface with which anyone can use this program. It is like an open playground where anyone can come and start playing for the sake of learning.

Also, you will find maximum features in this program to edit your images in different manners.

Many people think about Photoshop while we are talking about the lightroom mod apk. Let’s try to understand the major difference between both of these programs.

Photoshop Mod Apk Vs Lightroom Mod Apk

No matter whether you are new to photography or the designing industry or an experienced person, it is obvious that you know Photoshop mod apk. It is professional software for editing videos, graphics, images, and other moving or static content portions.

A prominent number of editors are using this software for gaining huge profits. It is a premium tool that can’t be used for free after a specific duration of a free trial.

On the other hand, the Lightroom mod apk is a simple photo editing tool. A lot of professionals are using this software for retouching images and making them perfect for every event. A user can use this tool freely as well as by getting paid subscription.

He only has to download the Lightroom mod apk for free access to this software and start editing. Also, you can get a lightroom pro apk to unlock all the premium features of this tool using our platform.

Both these programs are owned by Adobe which is considered the best platform to pick graphic software. The main difference between both of these applications is the usage method. Photoshop is a professional program that demands great skills to use properly.

If you are a beginner in the field, it will be difficult for you to control its interface and deal with maximum features. Similarly, it will take much time to edit a single image using this software.

On the other side, the Adobe Lightroom mod apk does not demand proficient knowledge for editing images of all kinds. If you are a learner, it is the best platform to learn this skill properly before diving into the field like a pro.

You can easily understand its works and how to control all the features of the lightroom apk for proper editing. So, you can take this platform as the first step to learning photo editing and becoming a professional in the field.

Features of Lightroom Apk Mod

We have explained above that this is a complete platform to perform editing of any image. Now, we are going to show you some features of this application.


Extensive Library

In photography, you have seen that you have to install multiple tools or libraries on your device while editing images. It is because you can use images as background, collage, or other sections according to requirements.

With Lightroom mod apk, you don’t need to find an extra library of photos because it has this feature. This tool has an extensive library with a bundle of images that you can use while editing.

You can easily pick any image and include it in the original image to make it sensible or attractive. The only thing you have to do is to get a lightroom mod android apk and install it properly.

We will guide you about this process just after discussing its features shortly.

Integration with internal storage

If you want to use a picture from your mobile storage, keep patience. In Lightroom apk Library, you can do this task quickly with simple clicks.

You only have to go to all photos and add anyone from your device. Then, you can use it for adding as a background or giving a professional touch to your pictures. In this way, it has made the editing process easy for every photographer.

Images from other users

It is a premium feature of the Adobe lightroom mod apk that will enable the users to get images from other members of the platform. You only have to upgrade your tool’s version and you will be able to enjoy this feature. You can also use the lightroom apk all unlocked from the following section without any problem. In this way, you will be able to edit your image without any hesitation.

Latest Filters Of Lightroom

Most of the tools have the same dull filters with which you have to edit your image. Such filters don’t give your image a charming and attractive look because of their dull properties. Adobe Lightroom mod apk has the latest collection of filters to make them perfect for everyone.

Adobe lightroom features

The main reason behind this feature is the timely update of this application. Adobe corporation keeps adding new filters to their tools to make them perfect for their users. Now, you can edit images of the professional level using your handy device.

Also, you can add filters for any condition like a natural event, lightning effects, and others. Let’s have a quick look at some filters that will help you to edit a photo professionally. It might be right to say that these will help you in retouching a picture and making it more attractive.

  • Auto-adjustment

The best filter that I like in the lightroom apk app is auto-adjustment. If you have a picture having extra or lower brightness, you can make it comfortable with a single click. This filter will enable the user to retouch an image and make it perfect to give a perfect look.

Actually, this option will manage light and adjust it precisely. Your picture will give outstanding look that is difficult for a professional editor to do with such precision.

  • Light exposure

Sometimes, you may have captured an image under a dim light that might be unfit for your look. By clicking on this option, you will get multiple sections that you have to adjust manually. Being an editor, you must have to adjust the light exposure on your image.

Also, you can adjust the background and picture lighting using the contrast feature. It will enable you to give a higher or lower lighting effect to the image. Under the same section, you will find white and black options.

These are specially designed for daytime or nighttime picture editing. You can easily adjust these options and give your image a new and perfect look. In the last, you will get the Shadows option that will enable you to add a shadow on the actual part of the image.

  • Color enhancement

With this filter, you can easily do the grading of your image by adjusting color, brightness, sharpness, and Vibrance. All these options will give a pretty new look to your image. Also, they will enable you to adjust the background color and conditions just according to your facial gestures.

It will look original and perfect when you have used these features precisely. By default, all these features’ scores will be 0 you can change them without any problem. In addition, you can make it auto just by selecting the option given in the dropdown menu.

  • Versions Comparison

Sometimes, you need to compare original and edited versions of images. In a standard editor, it might be difficult for you to complete the process because you have to browse both images again and again.

With lightroom apk android, you can easily do this task by using the version filter. It will give you a look at all the versions of the same or different images on a single screen. In this way, you can get a quick view of any image and get to know what editing you should add more to the image.

Abide by these filters, you can easily add effects to your images in a free version. Adobe lightroom mod apk will not restrict you from using any of these filters. You only have to add your image and do editing as per your requirements.

  • Premium filters

Along with free filters, this tool is also offering some premium filters. The list of these filters includes selective, healing, and geometry. If you want to edit your pictures professionally, you can get the premium version of this software. With the lightroom mod apk, you will find maximum features unlocked to be used without any hurdle.

Easy to Use

Unlike all the other editing tools, this tool has a pretty simple framework. It does not only encourage professionals to use this tool for editing images. If you have a little knowledge about photo editing, you are in to use this perfect tool.

Almost 90% of its features are accessible with a few clicks on the screen of your device. You only have to select the option that you want to use and the tool will guide you with on-screen instructions.

For example, you can crop any image by just choosing the crop option. The tool will allow you to crop as per your requirements without the boundaries of the frame.

Here is a quick step-by-step overview of the process that you can follow for better outcomes.

  • Just add the image or open an image from the already added ones
  • Click on the image to get a lower menu bar
  • Edit using all essential given filters
  • Retouch your image properly for better results
  • Once you have done this, check the top menu

Export your image to any social media platform or download it on your device

One-Click Export

In this time of social media and the internet, you want to share every image with your network. Most of the tools don’t allow you to share edited photos directly. You first have to get all edited images on your device and then share them using the specific method.

In Adobe lightroom mod apk, you don’t have to follow such a complex and lengthy process. It allows you to integrate your social networks including Facebook, and Twitter with it. So, you can use its one-click export feature to download the image on your device and share it on social media platforms easily.

  • Share to any platform

By using its share image option given in the top menu bar, you can use various options. In the first place, you will get the option “share to”. By clicking on this, you will get a list of all the applications installed on your device.

You can choose any of those applications and follow on-screen instructions for completing the process. The most common steps that you will face in this regard are the addition of caption and location tags. It all depends on you which options you want to select and which one you want to avoid.

  • Get the link to a picture to invite people

For premium version users, it is possible to get a link to any image and share it on different platforms. Many editors use this feature to show their pictures and gain traffic from Pinterest and other promotional platforms.

Also, they can send an invitation link to people over the internet just by subscribing premium version. In short, you can do various tasks if you have lightroom apk full latest version on your device with all unlocked features.

  • Multiple file format and dimensions

Once you have edited a picture as per your requirements, you can choose a file format without any issue. Many editing software just allows a few formats to get an edited image. But lightroom’s original apk will allow you to decide the format of an image without any hurdles.

You can switch between the quality of the image fearlessly and even without paying a penny to someone. Similarly, you can choose the dimensions of the image and frame that you are going to use. Therefore, you won’t have to get any paid subscription to the tool to give an image touch of beauty.

  • Direct download

Along with social sharing of the edited image, you can easily download or export it to your mobile’s internal storage. Just like, you can do social sharing of your images with a single click, you can export them to your device in the same manner.

Non-destructive Editing

A lot of time, editors have reported that the edited image quality falls after using a tool. It is because those tools don’t support high-quality filters and features. Due to this reason, they found a prominent difference in edited and original pictures.

With quality filters and high-power features, you will get non-destructive images. It means that the original quality will not be harmed a little bit after editing. So, you can use it anywhere fearlessly.

Download Lightroom M0d Apk Full Latest Version

Application NameAdobe Lightroom
CategoryPhotography, Editing
Developed ByAdobe
Size93 MB (approx)
Get it OnGoogle Play Store
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Last UpdateFew Days Ago

Your device doesn’t have such powerful features as you need to check for Photoshop. You can download this lightroom mod Apk on your device and start editing your photos and add Mobile Preset.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to sign up or register for the Adobe lightroom apk after installation. If you do so, you must have to pay for using its premium features. Hit the cross button from the upper right corner and enjoy its smooth working without any interruption.

Lightroom Pro apk

Some features are only accessible to premium users of Lightroom. From our platform, you can download the lightroom apk all unlocked with simple clicks. By doing this, you will be able to share your images with anyone without looking at whether they are available on the platform or not.
With the lightroom pro apk, you will be able to work professionally to edit images by utilizing all features. Just make sure that you are getting the right lightroom apk app for your device with all unlocked features.

List of Lightroom Mod Apk Updated Versions for Android

For our readers, we have made a list of all the updated versions of the Lightroom apk. In this section, we will give you a short overview of all those versions and their requirements.

  • Latest Version: Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk CC 7.0.0

It is considered the latest version of this software. Adobe launched this lightroom mod apk in June 2021 having a size of almost 92 MB. You can download this lightroom apk android on any device having Android 6.0 or the latest version.

Before this version, Adobe has launched multiple versions of Lightroom mod for Android.

  • Older versions of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

Here we are going to give you a list of those older versions. You can do Lightroom mod apk old version download by using simple steps and evaluating requirements before downloading.

The above-mentioned versions can be downloaded and installed on any device having android 6.0 or the latest one. On all such devices, this software will keep working smoothly without making your device slow. The latest Android will make it more perfect and smooth for editing any image.

If you want to download lightroom apk version 5.4.1 or any other from the above list, your device must have Android 5.0 at least. Your device should have a Lollipop android version with API 21 or more. In all such devices, the above-mentioned versions of the lightroom mod apk will work properly.

All the remaining versions of Lightroom mod are suitable for Android 4.0 at least. You can also download lightroom apk version 2.0 using our platform easily without facing any problems.

How to Install Lightroom Mod Apk

  • First of all, you have to download the lightroom mod android Apk using the above link. Once you have done this, you should open the file manager or download manager of your device. On some devices, the downloaded Apk file will be shown in the notification section.
  • You only have to click on that file to start the process of installation. In the beginning, you will get a warning pop-up on your device screen with a notification that you should not install this because it is not a Google play store protected file. 
  • To start downloading, you have to click on that notification and give permission from the settings of your android device. Sometimes, the users may have done this for some other installations and allow their device for all programs.
  • In that case, you will not get such a notification while installing the tool. After doing this, the installation will start which you can see on your screen. When the installation is completed, you only have to open the application and start working with it.
  • We recommend you start the tool carefully for the first time. It is because you will get a sign-in option that you have to avoid using this application freely. If you start working with the premium version, you have to pay after 30 days trial period for all the features.
  • Yes, the Adobe lightroom apk has a few features that are inaccessible for free users. In this case, you have to take care about whether its free features are enough for you or not.

Different Versions of Lightroom Mod Apk for PC/Mac/Ios

Many photographers or editors only know that the Lightroom mod apk has only one version to be used on all Operating Systems. But this is not the right conception as you might have to distinguish between two main versions of Lightroom cc apk just according to your OS.

To clear this doubt, we are going to discuss those versions briefly the different versions of Lightroom.

Lightroom Classic CC

It is one of the simplest versions of Lightroom that is suitable for all users. It has a simple interface with all functions available at the distance of a single click. Overall, this version is far better than the other that is Lightroom CC. Here are some features to explore its all features.

First of all, it is the best tool when you don’t have all your photos in the cloud or you don’t want to do so. The reason is that it is a completely offline photo editing tool for which you do not need a strong internet connection.

It includes all the previous versions’ functions to make the user capable to do editing as per his requirements. In addition to this, it is a faster tool than all other versions. According to many editors, Lightroom Classic is the fastest working tool that can’t be beaten by any update yet.

Furthermore, you will find various modules in this tool just a second away. So, you can access any of them and make your photos adorable. The only problem that we found in this tool is that it can only work on desktop computers like Photoshop.

So, you can’t download the Lightroom mod apk on your mobile while you want to deal with classic. This is the biggest problem that many editors found in this tool. If you want to edit the same image on your handy device, you can’t work with the classic version.

Abide by these factors, you have to download every edited image on your device just after completing the process. There is no cloud service available where you can save edited images without using the internal space of your device.

In the same way, you have to do a manual backup to keep your pictures safe for later use. All in all, this is the best version for you if you don’t have to use a cloud service for saving any pictures.

Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC was the advanced version that the above-mentioned. It has almost resolved all the problems that you have faced in the classic version. In the CC version, you don’t have to be familiar with the Lightroom interface and features.

You can easily understand its work and access all the features of this tool without any delay. Being an editor, you can keep your RAW files and store them online for later use.  In this version, many modules that the classic mode has was removed to add the latest ones.

The removal of modules was just done to make the interface simpler for everyone. You can play with any option to edit your image. The most fantastic feature of this version is that you can use this lightroom original on any of your devices.

You don’t need to look for the operating system while downloading this software. Also, it has the property to back up your data automatically without any manual interference again and again. You only have to turn on the backup option once while using this editor once. No matter what is your concern while editing a video, you can pick this software and wait for beyond expectation results.


Does Lightroom include the same features for mobile and desktop devices?

You can say that you will enjoy the same features on both devices to much extent. But a desktop or Mac user will enjoy a few more features than on his mobile. The reason is that both devices allow different versions to edit photos.

How Lightroom mod apk is different from Photoshop?

Lightroom mod apk has many features that Photoshop includes for its professional users. Photoshop is a complete tool for professionals around the world. Therefore, it has a complex interface with a set of all tools and is more extensive software than that of Lightroom apk.

Is it safe to use this tool freely?

Yes, there is not a big issue while you are accessing Lightroom mod Apk from an authentic platform. You only have to download the mobile Apk with complete focus. With this, you can easily avoid any malware or corrupted files that you might download accidentally.

What is the difference between lightroom classic and lightroom?

Lightroom Classic is a specific version if you want to work on your laptop or desktop. It has a little bit longer list of tools that you can use while editing. Lightroom can be used on any device like mobile, tablet, and laptop. It may offer you limited features because of which you have to edit while using it in limits.

Wrapping Up

We have written the above guide with complete focus to cover every aspect for our readers. You should understand every topic to get an idea about lightroom mod Apk and download it to your device. With this, you will be able to learn to edit properly and move towards a professional career confidently.