Urban Presets Lightroom Free Download (2022)

Urban or road photography has its demands. The print should look as dynamic as the thick scene with rudiments and accentuation lighting. The bold tones and heightened colors portray the atmosphere and experience.

There are numerous aesthetics to try for this type of photography. To make it easy for you, there are stylish, accessible Urban Lightroom presets that you can use for colorful scenes, from broad-angle cityscapes to shots of road art. There are warm and fantastic themes and light and dark motifs.

You may get all of these presets and trials with different aesthetics. Download, install them in Adobe Lightroom Lr, and select the style you want to apply.

You Have to Download the Lightroom Mobile App

We test our presets on different prints to ensure they will work on all images, but please flash back that all presets work else on every image and because every image is other ( shot in a different light, etc.), you’ll probably need to tweak the edit( exposure/ murk/ white/ dark) after the preset is applied. 

Installation Instructions 

1. Download the DNG lines. 

2. Import the DNG lines into your Lightroom mobile app as you would any image. 

3. elect the DNG image. Tap on the three blotches icon in the upper right corner and choose Copy dan Paste to your print, or choose to produce Preset to save the presets in your Lightroom.

Urban Faded is one of the best famous Lightroom mobile presets. I made this preset for White pictures, pictures, Self pictures, Urban photography, Adventure prints, Coloured filmland, out-of-door images, Nature prints, trips, Outdoor, and others. That’s a decoration preset of Lightroom apk, the favored Lightroom preset of all shutterbugs moment. This preset I made to change the print to a different classic look. And you can download this decoration preset for free. 

If you also want to take your photography chops to the coming position. And want to give your print a different creative look. So, according to the information below, you can convert your photo into Amazing for free. 

Urban Faded Lightroom Presets 

This Lightroom preset will give your print a perfect and classic Civic Faded look. 

Urban Faded preset is a decoration lightroom preset. This preset I made to change the print to a different classic look. It helps to increase the color achromatism and bring out the fine detail in photographs, improving the photos’ quality. 

Urban Faded Lightroom Presets Download Free by Creditor 

Before taking a print, keep in mind the place where you’re getting your photo taken. Indeed, the lighting, color, and murk aren’t too low or too much. Else the quality of the print may drop. And the track won’t get a perfect Civic Faded to look. 

Suppose you want to give your print a perfect Civic Faded look. So before taking your photograph, keep in mind all these effects. You must draw your photo according to the picture shown in the preset. After applying the preset, the print can get a seductive look. Minor adaptations may be needed after using a preset to maximize the quality of your image. 

Note Like all prints are taken from cameras in different locales, angles, and styles. And the results of other lighting conditions may vary. Necessary adaptations like exposure, discrepancy, shadow, etc., will help you produce great results. 

That all Lightroom presets work more on RAW prints rather than on JPEG. 

It’ll make you a better Lightroom stoner. 

How to Install Presets With Lightroom Mobile 

First, please ensure you have the rearmost interpretation of the Lightroom app. 

Open the lightroom operation on your phone and go to the library. Also, to add presets, click on the( & Picture icon) at the right bottom of the screen. Press the three blotches to open the menu and select Dng or Raws option. 

All presets DNG or Raws lines to load on your mobile screen. 

Elect any presets you load in Lightroom and click on the add button at the right bottom of the screen, and the presets are installed successfully.

Urban Cool

Stylish for Street Photography, Cityscapes, and Outdoor pictures 

Style Blue tinges, Clear and Bold Tones

Urban Cool is our famous urban preset and, indeed, the most downloaded of all types. Its cool tinges produce a unique and seductive ultramodern aesthetic. It also has bold tones that add a lot of drama and appeal.


Stylish for Urban scenes, Night Photography, Urbanscapes, Cityscapes 

Style Blue with Orange Accentuations, Matte 

road preset applies cool color temperatures emphasizing blue and aqua tones. Its colors add life and sprightliness to civic prints when scenes are substantially argentine with concrete and simple civic rudiments.

Orange and Teal

Stylish For Urban Scenes, Travel Photography, Instagram 

Style Orange and Teal Motif, Cinematic Tones 

The Orange and Teal preset are the most popular in our collection and, each time, the favorite among our druggies. It’s a beautiful ultramodern take on everyone’s favorite orange and teal color motif. It always makes prints dramatic, temperamental, and cinematic. Every civic element can look cultural with this preset.

Street Blue

Stylish for Cityscapes, Street Photography, and Urban pictures 

Style Dark and refined, Stark Tones, Crisp Details, Dramatic Colors 

Street Blue is one of the finest and most temperamental civic preset. Its ultramodern aesthetic includes some artificial look and feel, too. You can use this to make road and civic photography bold enough to snare someone’s attention.

Urban Life

Stylish For Street Photography, Urbanscapes, Detailed prints 

Style Modern, Dark, Textured, Metallic 

Urban Life is a detailed ultramodern preset that adds a dramatic or temperamental sense to civic scenes. It has a dark and grey aesthetic that also serves as a temperamental motif.


Stylish for Abandoned structures, largely Textured prints 

Style Dark, Grungy, Moody, Industrial, Faded 

Abandoned brings out gritty textures of civic prints. This artificial, metallic effect comes with crisp details and bold murk that produce a dark and temperamental look. It can also make abandoned places hanging because of its grungy aesthetic.

Urban warm

Stylish for Light Civic Scenes, pictures, Natural Light 

Style Warm, Soft, Light and Airy, Brown and black Accent Tones 

Civic Warm has warm coffee brown tinges that bring trip prints to life. It works so well on images that feature picturesque civic scenes and armature. Its cozy and inviting style also makes it ideal as sludge for multiple prints, an Instagram feed, or indeed a trip blog.

Mood Urban Fashion Preset Sample Feed by Kiin Creations 

This unique decoration MOOD set by KIIN contains two temperamental, two black & white, and two brights presets. They were all precisely designed to illuminate each other yet keep the swish cohesiveness. This set will make your images that fashionable 90s stylish look! 

Kiin Influencer Instagram Presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop 

This ultimate Urban Lightroom preset collection will give you an ultramodern and swish civic aesthetic. We love how it provides a natural and classy aesthetic with warm tones that look great on skin tones. The presets have a fantastic polish that makes images ideal for professional shutterbugs. 

Grey Presets for Civic Prints Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Downloads 

This fashionable and classic collection of Grey Lightroom presets is best for an ultramodern and elegant civic aesthetic. The minimum look is ideal for megacity prints, fashion shots, and all civic scenes. The slate overlay in these presets will also give your images a cohesive and clean look! We love it for Instagram use!


Note: All photos are taken from cameras in different locales, angles, and styles. And the results of other lighting conditions may vary. Necessary adaptations like exposure, discrepancy, shadow, etc., will help you produce great results. 

That all Lightroom presets work more on RAW prints rather than on JPEG. 

It’ll make you a better Lightroom stoner.


How do I install Urban Lightroom presets? 

Don’t worry. It’s easy to install Lightroom Lr presets! You will learn how to use Lightroom presets on both mobile and desktop. Relate to our step-by-step companion using the mobile DNG and desktop XMP formats.

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