At our platform, we are giving you easy access to the most used tool while learning graphic designing. Do you want to know what data we collect from you when you visit Keep reading this section of our privacy policy. You will also come to know about linking websites and get a quick overview of them. Additionally, we will also give you a little bit of information about our cookies policy that you may have to accept for reading our informative and researched articles.

Let’s have a look at our privacy policy to ensure you that what we collect and how we collect. 

Data Collection

We strictly do not collect any personal information from our readers. Our platform will never collect IP address, location, personal information like name and mail from our readers. You can fearlessly read our articles and download applications freely to learn this skill effectively.

In some particular conditions, we keep track of the performance of our audience. For instance, we will check your activity while you are submitting a comment on our platform. We do not allow any kind of spammy links in our blog’s comment sections. That is why we will keep checking this section and remove all the spammy comments or links from our blogs.

Also, we may ask for some basic information while submitting a comment to give you easy access for the next time. In addition to this, we strictly prohibit the saving of any kind of data from our visitors.

External Authority Links

Our website has a bunch of external links for downloading any file and getting further information. We try to link all the authority and powerful websites for enabling you access to reliable information. Our platform is not responsible for any kind of privacy problem or privacy change in any of those platforms.

Cookies Privacy

We use cookies to give you smooth and reliable access to our platform. Whenever you will visit our platform, you have to accept cookies issued by our platform. These cookies will not collect any kind of personal information like name, mail, address, or other without your permission.

Our cookies will only analyze your browser’s performance to make it better with the simple and harmless cookies policy. You do not have to worry about the security of personal data from our platform. Now, we hope you have understood our privacy policy properly. 

Advertisement Rights

We have complete rights to advertise third-party products from our platform. The platform of that product may get your information and save it for later use when you visit them once. Our website is not responsible for any kind of data collected by those advertisers.

You should check first whether you are contacting the right platform or not before giving your personal information.