Lightroom 2019 Free Download All New Features [Window Version]

We all know that Lightroom is a particular and reliable tool to view, editing, saving, and sharing images. It has multiple versions from which Lightroom 2019 is considered the best for different kinds of editing. With this version, you can use Lightroom for editing images professionally with any Windows version.

Lightroom software with 64-bit is a reliable tool that allows you to organize various images with simple clicks. It is supported by all Windows versions which make it reliable for every computer user. It means that Lightroom 2019 free download is available to use by anyone around the globe.

You only have to check system requirements from the upcoming sections and download your required software. If you are using Windows 7, then you must download Lightroom 2019 for Windows 7 from the following section.

Before jumping over the download links for Lightroom 2019 for Windows 8, let’s have a look at the improved feature of this tool.


Updated features in Lightroom 2019

Adobe has been updating all the versions of Lightroom to make them better than the previous ones. You can see clearly how many tools and features are added in Lightroom 2019 by comparing it with Adobe Lightroom 2018.

Lightroom 2019

For a quick overview, we have made a list of features of Lightroom 2019 that were unavailable in both Lightroom 2017 & 2018.                                                                                                                                                    

Latest lenses and cameras

In previous versions of Lightroom, there was no feature to capture images using quality lenses directly with this program. A user had to click images with a standard camera of their mobile and edit them with this program.

In Lightroom 2019, this feature has been added for the reliable capturing of images. You can easily use the latest lenses and filters in this program. It has made it easier to get images and save them in a database to save your device’s storage.

Higher Export quality

Lightroom 2019 has enabled the user to export quality images in a different format. Many of us know that we can only upload images in PNG format on almost every online platform. It would be better to get edited images in this format instead of converting the format after extraction with any third-party tool.

That is why this feature is liked by a lot of users who have to upload their images on different platforms.

Improved Library module

Another amazing feature that is liked by many professional and beginner editors is the Library module. It is the part from which a user can access different unique features and tools. In Lightroom 2019, the Library module has been improved a lot.

All the available tools have been made easy to access by showing them properly in the library section.

Color labels for collections

It was difficult for the users before this Lightroom version to get an idea about a collection of images. A user can’t reach any collection properly without investing much time. With Lightroom 2019, it has become easier to access any collection because of color labels.

It means that you can give a specific color to every collection and reach it with simple clicks of your mouse. This feature has made it effective for people to find their pictures quickly even when they have to edit hundreds of images daily.

GPU Support

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) is an essential factor that will enable the editor to sharpen the images and edit them properly. Without this feature, you will not get effective outcomes from Adobe Lightroom. The designers have launched Adobe Lightroom 2019 with this feature.

Bu turning on GPU in this picture editing software, you will be able to process images properly. It will provide you smooth and enhanced experience while looking to get a great piece of editing.

Bulk/Batch Editing

Time is the best key that can decide whether you have reliable software or not. With Lightroom 2019 free download, you can save a lot of time. It has a feature named batch editing that will enable the user to edit images in bulk quantity.

With this feature, it has become a magical tool for all professional editors who are using this software.

Other top and Lightroom classic 2019 new features

This version has many other features like Lightroom classic 2019 presets and others. Here is a list of those features that you will get from this software with simple taps and a little focus.

  • Customizable interface
  • New tools to learn more
  • Search tool availability
  • Full editing tutorials are available to learn
  • Access to new photos of other influencers
  • Group albums
  • Single tap sharing
  • Support direct picture clicking via a quality camera
  • Batch editing with few clicks
  • Adjustable options and much more

Lightroom 2019 system requirements

Before you move towards Lightroom software with a 32-bit or 64-bit, you need to keep the requirements of this tool. It requires some particular properties available in your system to run smoothly.

Window VersionAny Window version
Operating system32-bit/ 64 bit
Processor2 GHz
Free space in hard disk2 GB
Screen resolution1024 x 768 display quality

Download Lightroom 2019

Once you have found all the properties in your system, the process to download and install it will come your way. You can download this picture editing software easily using the following link. After downloading, you have to keep some factors in your mind to install Lightroom 2019.

Before that, you need to check whether you have to download Lightroom 2019 for windows 8.1 or Lightroom 2019 for windows 10. In this way, you will be able to download a compatible file with your device. Just follow the upcoming method to get installed this software on your device.

First of all, you need to open this file and extract all the files from a Zip folder. After this, you only have to checkmark the button if available or keep clicking on the “Next” button. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that Lightroom 2019 should be installed without internet connectivity.

With this, you won’t have to worry about any unauthorized access to your device while installing Lightroom 2019. Abide by this, you don’t need to notice anything. All the Lightroom 2019 classic new features from both the free and premium sections are unlocked in this version.

So, you don’t need to sign up or log in to your account. If you do so, it will keep you to only a free version with which you can’t access any premium version. This is where the installation process will come to an end.


Can I upgrade Lightroom 2018 to Lightroom 2019?

It is possible to upgrade your Lightroom 2018 using the official platform of Adobe. But you have to pay for buying a subscription to this tool to use this feature. All the tools available in Lightroom 2019 will be added to your older version which is Lightroom 2018. It would be better to download a fresh version if you are looking to enjoy free services from this editing software.

How Lightroom 2018 is different from Lightroom 2019?

There are not many differences between Lightroom 2018 and Lightroom 2019. The interfaces of both versions are similar to each. The main difference is the available features list. You can get an idea about their differences by reading the above features list and comparing it with Lightroom 2018.

Can Lightroom be used by beginners?

Yes, Lightroom was basically launched for beginners to make the process of editing easier for all. With time, a lot of tools have been added to this software that makes it compatible for professional use too.

Final Say

Lightroom 2019 will be the best choice for you whether you are a learner or an expert. You should download Lightroom 2019 and install it properly using the above section. After this, you will be able to enjoy the smooth working of this software and can get your dream images.

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