Download Free Lightroom Wedding Presets (2022)

We, as marriage shutterbugs, are always looking for a unique style for our prints, at least it feels like it. It’s 2022 and still a fact. Do we want marriage prints to be dateless, ultramodern, or perhaps trendy? In a way, we’re inspired by the color grading of this new Netflix series, but hold on, this classic Kodak film always looked great. 

Make Recollections indeed more beautiful with free wedding Lightroom presets. 

Whether you’re a professional shooter conducting a marriage photoshoot or a marriage guest who snaps some great prints, you can touch up your images with Lightroom presets. Weddings are romantic and memorable guests, and with the proper editing, your photographs can convey that atmosphere. 

Still, presets can speed up your editing workflow and save you central time, especially if you have a large volume of prints to reuse and edit If you’re a marriage shooter. And if you’re looking for a specific effect, there are numerous presets to help you achieve it. 


Get Started With Lightroom Presets 

Lightroom wedding presets

Presets are an easy way to elevate your marriage filmland incontinently. You can begin by opening your prints in Lightroom and browsing the preset section. However, explore the Recommended tab, which showcases a curated collection of presets, If you’re looking for an easy place to start. Explore another advantageous marriage presets that are perfect for landing romantic moments

And while looking for the best style for us, we realize that the request for presets is confusingly large, so what works for us? We keep searching and looking. 

Creatives From the Llf Community 

We started this design in 2018, and since also, we’ve nearly worked with numerous inconceivable artists worldwide. And you know what – this trip isn’t over in 2022. This blog post introduces our amazing generators of the Meridian Presets, who created beautiful marriage Lightroom presets. 

Benj Haisch – Cascade Presets

About Cascade 02 “Traveling the world shooting marriages, I’ve realized that not all light or color is the same across the board. I mugged marriages in the desert, tropical, civic, & mountainous surroundings in a huge range of light intensity. As I tweaked the marriage presets to acclimatize best to those surroundings, effects began to stick, and Cascade 02 began to form.” 

Sotiris Tsakanikas – Aether Presets  

About Aether “I was searching for a way to pretend my hand film photography style onto my digital lines – the idea behind the AETHER presets born. Inspired by the milky, elegant light of my country, the simplicity and the harmony of the ancient Greek culture, and the remarkable texture of the film, the AETHER presets started to shape.” 

A married couple walking down the stairs in Santorini 

Rafal Bojar – Hero Presets 

About Hero “The conception behind the Hero Presets is grounded on my seductiveness for stories, my private analysis, and observation of people and their characters. Each preset is a kindly

distinct character distinguished by their personality traits.” 

Kevin Klein – KLN Presets 

About KLN, “I designed these presets in a time of my life where I missed summer and its days with backfires, long deep addresses in the night, and good simple food from the regale. I was searching for an edit that gave me the feeling of a warm wind in the evening, walking through the fields.” 

Lukas Korynta – LKO Presets 

About LKO Sierra “The LKO Sierra collection is about the endlessness and ease of use while still giving your prints a bit of the nostalgic natural color look that LKO has always known. Growing up as a shooter made me realize that I tend to edit further simply and fairly than ahead. I want my prints to age well, stay harmonious in my unique editing style, and not spend too important time on edits.” 

A couple sits in a field and leverages each other 

Lukas Piatek – LPX Presets 

About LPX “The LPX presets are perfect if you travel a lot. Light is different anywhere you go, and I created this set to work with any light setting.” 

Pablo Beglez – PBX Presets 

About PBX “My colors are subtle, neutral, and natural colors that will stand the test of time. They’re not trendy and won’t go out of style by the coming season. I wanted dateless colors often, and you won’t cringe at how outdated they look when you look back at the prints edited with these marriage Lightroom presets.” 

Jennifer Moher – Slate & Ivory Presets 

About Slate & Ivory Decades “Inspired by some of the topmost legends of the photography assiduity from the history and old cinema, the Decades pack is invested with rudiments that elicit a sense of nostalgia. This pack is adaptable and can be used in colorful lighting scripts on different types of sessions.” 

An aged man hugs his woman

from behind while they are standing in a field. 

Joshua Mikhail – Stag & Doe Presets 

About Stag & Doe “This set is for the wild and crazy bones

. Don’t be incorrect. These presets aren’t super clean. As all truly raw moments have, there are fortitude, Grain, texture, and substance.”

Should you use Lightroom Presets for marriage Photography? 

A big yes! Using presets, you don’t simply enhance images- you bedeck recollections of someone’s special occasion. To make it worthwhile for your guests, we’d surely recommend going each- by with presets to produce beautiful, cohesive, professional, and stunning photos. 

Landing moments from marriage and using one preset across all prints is ideal. With this, you’ll save much editing time and ensure harmonious results. Rather than editing every image, you can apply made presets for the whole bunch of photos, and you’re good to go! 

Still, you can always tweak presets to suit the situation, mood, or subjects captured in the images, If you feel that there’s a compass for extemporization. Please use all your creative instincts and give it a more personalized touch! 

After all, creativity has no description and boundaries. You can do anything it takes to make those photos look one in a million! The final traces you give the preset will give the filmland a different dimension altogether. 


Once you learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and its marvelous features, you can not imagine photography without it! This tool is every shooter’s blessing in disguise! It saves time and trouble while helping you review your photos incontinently. 

Still, Adobe Lightroom is just the right tool to get started with, If you’re looking to soothe your editing chops. Whether a freshman or a professional, we’re sure each shooter out there will love this tool and its numerous advantages!

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