Download Lightroom Pro Apk Latest Version For Android (Free Preset Unlocked)

Lightroom is the best choice when you want to edit your images to a professional level using your mobile or tablet. It is a free tool when you have to edit a photo for your personal use. But if you want to do something extra and utilize maximum features, you must get Lightroom Pro on your device.

This tool will help you to give your photos a professional touch. You won’t need a professional tool like Adobe Photoshop when you have Lightroom mod apk on your device. It will give you access to most of the features that you might need while editing a photo.

In this article, we are going to guide you about Lightroom pro and how you can download Lightroom pro freely. Let’s get a deep dive to get proper knowledge about this editing software.


What is Lightroom Pro apk?

 Lightroom Pro is a specific version of the software in which you will get access to every single feature. The tools that you can’t access in the free version will be accessible in this version. You can edit your image by using an endless list of tools available in this version.

It will help you to take your photos to an extra level of charm and beauty. Social media has become an important and often used place for different tasks. It is not possible to carry your laptop or desktop everywhere with you to edit photographs to upload them on different platforms.

So, you can choose Adobe lightroom premium apk to download it to your phone and use it anywhere. It has made the process of editing easier and faster than ever.

Why do you have to choose Adobe Lightroom Pro?

Many users ask this question why do they have to download lightroom pro apk when they have many free tools available over the internet? No doubt, there are multiple tools available to edit pictures just according to your requirements.

But you will find many limitations in most of those tools. They will never allow you to work properly and smoothly with all tools available for editing photos. Lightroom Premium apk will resolve this problem by providing a comprehensive list of the best tools for you. Check the list of some features that a user will get after downloading apk full pro premium of Lightroom.

Edit Professionally

The most fantastic feature that you will get after downloading Lightroom pro apk is professional results. This software will allow you to edit an image for any task with its powerful tools. To edit an image from simple to advanced level, you will get every tool in its toolbox or tool list.

You can control maximum features while editing a single image. In turn, you will be able to adjust the outcomes on your own without facing any difficulty. You can edit multiple images in a single turn and make your pictures professional.

Due to this feature, you can easily open this software on your handy device and edit images professionally. You don’t have to sit on your chair and invest a lot of time in front of your desktop and use complex tools with this feature. In this way, you can edit entire albums within a short time.

Capture Directly

The main problem that comes while editing an image is that the photographer has not taken it properly. It might be due to the camera quality of the device that captures a dull image. To overcome this problem, you can directly capture an image with Adobe Lightroom by using your device’s camera.

It will enable you to take a clear picture of anybody or any place. To give a better look to the image, it may increase the quality of a captured image even if you have a lower-quality device. In short, you should get Lightroom pro apk to edit multiple images.

Store in Cloud

Lightroom Pro will offer you direct storage of your edited images in the cloud even if you don’t want to download them. With this feature, you can keep a large number of photos in the cloud storage without facing any problems.

Another amazing feature that you will get with Adobe cloud services is the backup facility. In free Lightroom, you will not get this feature and may lose your pictures in particular conditions. With the Pro version, you won’t have to worry about the loss of your data but you can keep it in the cloud for later use.

Presets Unlocked

Preset in Lightroom is a specific feature with which you can edit images and make them better with a different look with a single click. These are built-in modules or structures that you can use for any image. In Lightroom Pro, you will get access to multiple Presets to change the entire look of your images.

After this, you can change the look of your pictures with a single click. You don’t have to use multiple tools to adjust brightness and other factors to give your image a preset. It will change the entire look of your image and give it a professional look.

In this way, you can get lightroom premium presets by following a simple process. Here is the list of the most used Presets in lightroom by a huge number of editors.

  • Dark and moody preset
  • Landscape Presets
  • Hipster Lightroom Presets
  • Banff Preset
  • Urban Tones
  • Insta Blogger Style
  • Model Film Preset
  • Snow Mountain Preset for Lightroom
  • Winter Preset
  • Bright Preset
  • Greece Lightroom
  • Anniversary Preset
  • Moscow Travel Preset
  • Vibrant Coloring Lightroom Preset

There is an extensive collection of presets that you can download and install on your device. If you want to apply Preset on any of your pictures, just follow these simple steps.

  • Download and install Presets on your device
  • Rename all the presets to get a quick access
  • Open the image in Lightroom and click on it to start editing
  • Look at the bottom bar where you will find multiple editing sections
  • Preset will be available in 4th position
  • Click on it and apply it to your photograph

Premium Features Unlocked

With Adobe lightroom premium apk, you will not get a single feature away from your access. You will be able to use every single tool to edit your image and make it appropriate for your use. In addition to this, you can explore or discover new talent here by watching other photographers’ amazing work. You can also get an idea of what people wish to look at and promote by exploring new media. All other features of the premium version are unlocked in Lightroom pro.

Download Lightroom Pro apk

App NameLightroom Pro Apk
File Size81 MB (Approx.)
Category of AppPhotography
Required Android5.0 or up
Developed byAdobe
Last UpdateJune 8, 2021

Before moving towards the downloading process, you must verify that your device is eligible as per the above-mentioned requirements. You can check this by browsing the settings of your Android mobile or searching for its features over the internet.

After doing this, you can easily download the Lightroom pro apk by using the following link. It will take a while to download the file to your device and start the installation process. If you have downloaded the application, you must follow this process to install it on your device.

How to install Lightroom Pro on Android?

To install Lightroom pro on your mobile, you have to follow some specific steps. If you are thinking that you can do it simply like all other apps you have installed from the Play store, then you might be wrong. It is impossible to install Lightroom pro apk with the same process.

  • Uninstall any previous version of Lightroom if you have already on your phone
  • Delete apk file of that version by checking the download media of your device
  • Now, open the file that you have just downloaded for Lightroom pro
  • It will pop up a warning box and ask for clearance
  • You only have to open the settings from that box and enable installation from other sources
  • The installation will start and it will take a few minutes to complete it
  • Once it has been installed, click on the close or back button
  • Open the Lightroom application
  • You will get sign up or login page, don’t ever register your account
  • Just hit the cross symbol available in the upper corner
  • It will take a while to settle all the features of Lightroom pro
  • All the features will be unlocked and ready to use

Quick Tip: If you have signed up or logged in with your account, you will be able to get only a free version of the tool. None of the premium features will be unlocked in this way. So, keep focus while you are accessing Lightroom for the first time.


Is it legal to use this Lightroom pro for free?

Lightroom Pro apk has been activated using all the legal steps. We have unlocked all the features of Lightroom for our valued visitors. So, there is no legal issue while downloading and installing this editor on your device.

Can I upgrade my Lightroom membership?

Yes, you can do this if you want to do this. But we recommend you to download the Lightroom pro apk on your device and enjoy all the features freely without using a single penny.

What will be the expiry of this Lightroom pro apk?

There is no expiry of this apk full pro premium unless you will try to update it. When you try to update your tool, the premium subscription will vanish and you have to use only free features. To download the premium again, you should come to us and download the latest Lightroom apk using the above process.

Why do people like Lightroom Pro the most?

It is a lightweight tool compared to any other professional photo editing tool available on the internet. All the essential and advanced features while editing a picture is available in this tool. That is why people love to use this tool as compared to any other heavy software.

What is preset in Lightroom Pro?

A preset is a pre-programmed or pre-build schema that you can use to change the look of an image with a single click. You don’t have to use various tools to adjust different factors to give a charming look to your image. But you can do this task with a single tap on your screen when you have Lightroom premium with all unlocked features.

Final Wrap

When you have Lightroom Pro on your android device, you don’t have to worry about editing your images. You can edit your photo just according to your imagination and make it perfect with all the advanced tools.

The process will be easy because of its simple interface and easy access to all features.

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