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Download Lightroom Effects and Instagram Exports (2022)

Simplify your post-processing with Lightroom effects. You can use our growing number of Premium Presets from top shutterbugs to turn ordinary shots into a great commodity. 

Print of a laughing academy-aged child with short fair hair on a white background, open in the Lightroom interface. 

Get an Instant Gleam-up With Premium Presets

Enhance pictures in a flash with presets for every skin tone. Creative pall subscribers can access many professionally created presets for every type of print. 

Image two laughing people are standing in front of a slipup wall inside the Lightroom product interface with the editing menus open. 

Position up Your Editing Chops 

Find your favorite Lightroom presets and makes them your own. With all the adaptations exposed, you can change presets and achieve precisely the look you’re going for. 

A print of a single tree with low mountains and a blue sky in the background opens in the Lightroom interface. 

Speed Up Your Workflow

Make your Photographs pop, presto, with Recommended Presets, which uses artificial intelligence to search through thousands of Lightroom presets to find the stylish one for your image. 

Hand holding a phone showing an image of a woman in a black and white dress in the Lightroom mobile interface. 

Edit Anywhere, Anytime

Use Lightroom mobile presets to produce stunning images wherever you are. Desktop and mobile preset sync automatically, so you always have access to your pets. 

Customize, Partake, and Import

Produce Lightroom presets of your own to partake. Or find and save presets that deliver stunning new aesthetics from a community of shutterbugs like you. 

Discover Your Favorite Lightroom Presets

Protest off with hundreds of free presets from the community, or play with professionally created Premium Presets with your Lightroom subscription. 

Make Your Own

Save your print adaptations as a Lightroom preset you can use on mobile and desktop. 

Search Online

Search excellent presets online for free, or purchase presets from talented shutterbugs and merchandisers. 

Partake the Wealth

Get presets directly from musketeers or fellow shutterbugs, or produce and partake in your own. 

Get Started With Lightroom Presets

Presets make your life easier, whether a freshman or a professional shooter. Then’s how you can start using them for your Photographs. 

Ameliorate your megacity photography with Sam Horine’s free presets 

How to Apply Lightroom Presets to Your Photographs

Launch using presets right down by trying the bones

that are formerly available in Lightroom. 

  • Launch Lightroom on the desktop and select a print. 
  • Click into the Edit menu( or press E for a roadway). 
  • Elect the presets button from within the Edit menu. 
  • Choose from the Recommended, Premium, or Yours orders. 
  • Elect your asked preset and continue editing. 
  • Edge your nature Photographs with Elise Sterk’s free presets 

How to Add Presets to Lightroom

Indeed though Lightroom comes with presets formerly installed, you can import new presets directly from sharing shutterbugs. 

  • Download your favorite presets. 
  • Launch Lightroom on desktop and navigate to sequence> Import Biographies & Presets. 
  • Elect the presets you’d like to add. 
  • Click Import. 

Learn how to work with presets in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom for mobile

Develop crisp action Photographs with Greg Noire’s free presets 

How to Use Lightroom Presets That You’ve Imported

Applying imported Lightroom presets works a lot like using the erected-in bones.

  • Launch Lightroom on the desktop and select a print. 
  • Click into the Edit menu( or press E for a roadway). 
  • Elect the presets button from within the Edit menu. 
  • Click the Yours order and choose the Saved Presets option. 
  • Elect your asked preset and continue editing. 
  • Close up of two people chinking glass mugs in a lively manner. 

How to Save Presets From the Lightroom Discover Tab

The Discover tab in Lightroom puts in-app literacy and alleviation at your fingertips. Plus, you can save other shutterbugs’ edits as presets you can use for your Photographs. 

  • Launch Lightroom on the desktop and navigate to the Discover tab. 
  • Choose a print that captures the look you’re going for. 
  • Go to Save as on the top right corner of the Discover panel. 
  • Navigate to the All Photographs tab and elect your asked print. 
  • Select the Edit menu and select the presets button. 
  • In the Yours order, go to Saved from Discover. 
  • Elect your asked preset and continue editing.

Lightroom Export Settings for Instagram

Let us open the image in Lightroom Lr and do the necessary retouch. 

Image Cropping 

Lightroom Panel 

Before going into the Lightroom import settings for Instagram, let us crop the image to the stylish Instagram aspect rate of 45 in portrayal exposure. 

I’ve captured this image of Black and Orange Flycatcher in geography exposure with an aspect rate of 23. So, I’ll crop it into a 45-aspect rate in portrayal fashion and exclude the negative space on the left side of the image. 

You can also do a 45 crop in geography exposure if you find it challenging to recompose the image vertically. 

Image Crop for Instagram 

When you’re landing images, leave sufficient space on the sides. It ensures that cropping the image to a 45 rate doesn’t affect the image composition. 

Now, we’re done with cropping. 

Getting Started With Import Settings

Once all the image retouching and cropping are finished, let us move to the import options. 

Click on the “sequence” option from the dropdown menu in Adobe Lightroom and select the “Import” option. 

Lightroom Export settings for Instagram 

A new window, “Export One sequence,” will pop up. We need to do all the Lightroom Lr Export settings for Instagram. Ensure that the “Export To” option is set to Hard Drive. 

Export Location & Sequence Naming 

Lightroom Export Location and sequence naming settings 

You can set the sequence position in the “Export Location” module. It helps to edit and export the final images in applicable flyers. 

Still, use the “sequence Naming” module, If you want to brand the sequence name with a custom name. It gives you the inflexibility to brand the sequence according to your picking conventions. 

Sequence Settings 

Lightroom sequence settings for Instagram 

Next, we have the “sequence settings” module. Just set “JPEG” as the Image Format. You’ll also find other image sequence formats like TIFF and DNG. But, we need JPEG for Instagram. 

Color space should be set to “sRGB.” Suppose you elect other color biographies like Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB and upload the final image to Instagram. In that case, you can anticipate some color change in the print as the Instagram software converts the color profile into sRGB internally. So, don’t elect any other color space. 

I’ve tried different values of Image Quality from 60 to 100. I set up the best-optimized image quality from my trial and error trial at 80. So, click on this setting. 

You don’t need to limit the final image sequence size. So, leave the “Limit sequence Size To” box unbounded. 

Image Sizing 

Image resolution settings for Instagram in Lightroom 

You must set the final image resolution in the Image Sizing section. elect the “Width & Height” option. Don’t tick the “Don’t Enlarge” option. 

For the stylish viewing experience on Instagram, you need to set 1080p for the longest edge of the image. 

So, for Photographs in portrayal exposure, leave the range space blank and fill “1080” in the heights space in pixels. For Landscape exposure, do the exact contrary. 

I’ll enter 1080 in the Height column since this image is in portrayal exposure. You must set the resolution to 240 pixels per inch. 

Affair Stropping 

Affair stropping settings for Instagram 

Whatever you’re uploading to the web, you need to add redundant stropping for a better viewing experience, as with Instagram. 

So, select the “Screen” option in the “Edge For” menu and set the quantum to be “High.” You have three options in quantum Low, Standard, and High. High workshop best for Instagram images. 


Lightroom Metadata import settings 

Metadata is the image’s EXIF data and other information like photographs and contact details. 

For Instagram, I recommend adding brand information alone. 

Adding all the metadata values will affect in larger sequence size. It doesn’t bring any new value to the image. 


Watermarking in Lightroom 

I primarily recommend watermarking your image. It gives further credibility to your vision. It also helps to guard your image against unauthorized use on the web. 

But don’t put unattractive watermarks on top of the picture. Place it on one of the corners of the image. 

You can add a simple brand watermark( © Name) or a custom visual watermark from the dropdown menu. I’ve added my watermark to the final image( Watermark6 template). 


Now, we’ve given the stylish Lightroom import settings for Instagram. So, we need to click the “Import” button at the bottom of the window to save the final image in the destination brochure. 

Black and Orange Flycatcher 

You can view the final image in the separate import brochure once this import action gets completed. 


Now you know the stylish Lightroom to Instagram import settings. So, don’t upload your filmland directly from your camera. 

Use these Lightroom import settings for Instagram to optimize your images for the Instagram Platform.

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