Download Free Lightroom Mobile Presets (2022)

It’s straightforward to download, and you have to go to different spots; you can also download it by searching if you want. Else if you’re going to download 20 Stylish Lightroom Presets, I’ve also given you 20 Stylish Lightroom Presets. You can fluently download any presets of your choice.

To download, you have to like your presets. The download is written below; you have to click there, and you can download all the presets comfortably.


Download Your Presets From the Psd Mound


Download your presets from PSD mound. You can get all of our presets collections with The Collection Preset Bundle. 

Please ensure that the train isn’t unbolted. It would help if you imported a zipped train into Lightroom, not a brochure, to save time. 

Click on the Develop Module

Go to the Develop module on the top right of the screen. Ensure you have imported a print in Lightroom and pierced the Develop Module.

Go to the Import Presets

click on the Presets Panel, click on the small() icon, and Go to the Import Presets button from the menu.

Open the Zipped Presets 

Please navigate to the brochure where you saved the zipped train and elect to import the presets. Click the Import button at the right bottom of your screen to complete the process. 

Your Presets Are Ready

Then you can see your presets have been imported, and you’ll see a brochure of the imported presets as shown below. Click on any preset to apply the aesthetics instantly. However, chances are it might be under the stoner Presets brochure If you didn’t see any flyer for your imported preset. 

Install Presets in Lightroom LR Mobile( Android Druggies)  

Lightroom mobile can snappily install presets without rooting the presets. You don’t need to unfold or prize the lines to install presets. All of our presets come in ZIP format and can be fluently installed in seconds. 

Note: Ensure you don’t unfold presets when following the below-mentioned way. 

Select a Photo & Head Over to Presets

Open the Lightroom Mobile App and elect a print to edit. Swipe left on the nethermost options until you see “Presets” and the valve on that option. 

Import Presets

Click on the three blotches icons, and also, you’ll have the option “Import Presets.” 

Hit Import Presets 

Go To The Zipped Presets 

Now detect the presets on your mobile to import them. 

Elect the zip train of the presets as I did below.  

Also, Hit the open button on your mobile device to import the presets. 

Note Make sure you’re installing. DNG presets in Lightroom Mobile. Else, you might not be suitable to install the presets.

Your Presets Are Ready 

Tap on the collection name to elect the recently installed Presets. Hit through the presets until you find the bone

that you like. 

How to Install Presets in Old Lightroom Performances 

Installing presets in old Lightroom performances is much enough the same, but we’ll keep the process clean, and it’ll help you neatly organize your presets.  

CLICK The Develop Module 

Hit the Develop module on the top right corner of your screen after importing and selecting a print to work. 

produce A New Folder For Presets

On the left wing of the screen, under the Presets Tab, right-click inside the Presets Tab & select New Folder.

Give A Name To The Folder 

As you can see in the image below, give a name to the brochure like I did “PSD mound Free Matte Presets.” 

Megahit, you’ll see a new brochure ready to import your presets. 

Import Presets 

elect the latest brochure, right-click on it, and click on the Import Presets button. 

Please navigate to the brochure where you unbolted the presets, and select all the presets(. template lines) to import them by clicking on the Import Button at the right bottom of the screen. 

Your Presets Are Ready 

Then you can see that we’ve imported the presets into Lightroom 6. You should see your presets under the brochure and click on them to apply aesthetics to your images.

Lightroom green presets

They are not as expected or popular as other color schemes. It gives cool colors to your photos.

Lightroom blue Presets

They are used to create a modern look in photos. They give a dramatic look to your photos. 

Red Lightroom presets

They are used to make red pop shades for your photos. They give the most eye-catching effects to your pictures.

Golden Lightroom presets

These free presets golden hour look to your photos. 

Lightroom Pastel presets

It gives soft color accents to your photos. They are best for portraits, fashion, travel, etc.

Lightroom Dark Black Preset on Windows

  • Open Lr App
  • Open the edit tab
  • Click on the preferences tab.
  • Click on the preset tab
  • Go to the empty preset containing folder.
  • Click on the lightroom folder.
  • Click on develop preset folder.
  • Copy all presets
  • Close and again open Lightroom
  • Refresh it and use all the presets for free.

Lightroom DNG


1. Download the DNG lines. 

2. Import the DNG lines into your Lightroom mobile app as you would any image. 

3. elect the DNG image, valve on the three blotches icon in the upper right corner and choose Copy and Paste to your print, or choose to produce Preset to save the presets in your Lightroom. 

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These presets have been successfully tested with colorful photos, but please flash the background on your lighting conditions, camera settings, and particular style. These presets may need to be slightly altered to fit your requirements. For stylish results, I encourage you to use the preset for analogous scenes as shown in exercise images.

Still, also let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about anything; all these presets will work on all your types of images, and You’ll be suitable to use the presets on any of your photos if you’re allowing what type of prints will these presets work on which won’t work. 

Still, let me tell you that you do not need to worry about anything. All these presets will work on all your types of images, and You will be suitable to use the presets on any of your photos if you are allowed. What kind of photos will these preset work on which will not work?

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